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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can non-members host events at Greenville Country Club?

A.Only members may sponsor events at Greenville Country Club.

Q. Can non-members play golf  at Greenville Country Club?

A. Greenville Country Club is a private club. Only members and guests of members may play.  

Q.How can I get more information about hosting an event at Greenville Country Club?

A. Our professional and experienced staff would be honored to help you plan your next event at Greenville Country Club. The Club regularly hosts golf tournaments and wedding receptions, as well as business, social, and civic meetings. For more information, call Andrea Pinner,  (252) 756-1237 or email

Q. What separates Greenville Country Club from other clubs?

A. The Greenville Country Club tradition has charmed members and their guests since 1923. The committed and loyal staff gets to know our members and their individual needs. We believe in, and practice, privacy at the Club, as well as the importance of providing a welcoming sanctuary to members. Our unspoken objective is to always graciously accommodate members and guests.

Q. May members bring guests to the Club?

A. Guests of members are welcome to use the Club, swimming, golf, and tennis facilities. However, members are totally responsible for their guests, and guests must abide by the Club's guest rules and regulations.

Q. Is there a food minimum?

A. No..

Q. How many I get more information about becoming a member of Greenville Country Club?

A. For our current membership promotions, call Andrea Pinner (252 756 1237).